Where would i be without l.o.v.e?

Sorry, this isn’t a ‘All we need is love’ kinda post.

This is a note to remind myself to be more appreciative of my other half   – the husband. The one who puts up with my bullshit everyday (or most of the time anyway!)

Not once has he complained or even hinted that he is tired of supporting me throughout my period of unemployment. Well, some of you may ask: “Isn’t that what husbands are for?” I, for one, do not ever take financial support from my husband for granted. I like to make my own money and spend my own money. I feel bad that he has to take on my share of the bills and pay for everything else, leaving him with nothing worth mentioning especially since he has commitments to family he has to fulfill just like everyone else.

Saying nothing is one thing. Many a time, he has even encouraged me to take my time to find something i really like and not be pressured to just take anything that comes along just because of my worry for money. On top of dealing with all the financial burden caused by his unemployed wife, he still makes the effort to be extra sensitive to my bruised ego and reminds me that things will get better. I also appreciate that he gives me space when i need to wallow in a bit of self-pity. The best part is he is quietly just 2 steps behind to pull me up when it is time to face the music.

Sometimes, i wonder where he gets all that patience from? And i ask myself, would i do the same for him without any complaints whatsoever if our roles were reversed? Though i never hope that happens, i will definitely try to do the same, if not more, than all he has done for me.

I am just so fortunate to have him.