Lookfile #3 – SS2011 Jumpsuits & Rompers

The jumpsuit is a classic fashion staple which has been reinvented countless times throughout the years. Now, you’ll find it in all shapes, sizes, colours, fabric and styles. Whether you’re going for a structured/tailored look or a casual/sexy look, you will most definitely find something for your body type and budget. These days, it is everywhere – on the runway, in department stores, in blogshops and even flea markets. And it so happens that i am looking for one this season 🙂

If you’re small and petite, you have no reason to shy away from the jumpsuit okay. Look at Kourtney Kardashian (middle) in that very nude, flowy, wide-legged version of a jumpsuit. Now, don’t tell me she doesn’t look good in it?!?!? Just pair them up with a good pair of heels/wedges that match (so you look elongated) for that extra lift.

Celebrities rocking the jumpsuit trend

*Images from Hot Style Fashion Girl

So girls, shall we jump onto the jumpsuit bandwagon and rock this look together this Summer? I’ve trawled the internet and found a couple of options to share with you. (These are just some of the hundreds of options out there BTW) Look hot & chic without having to burn a hole in that pocket. Don’t forget to accessorise, accessorise and accessorise! Inspiration for a new look for that date this weekend huh 🙂

*Images are from MDS Collections (top left) and Shopsfashion (top right & bottom)

And for those of you who have the moolah to spend & are looking for something more unique and lux, here’s a little taste of what you can get. Simply delish ~!

*Images from Shopbop, they do free delivery worldwide in 3 days!