The world of luxury goods at discounted prices

Just as I was thinking about how there are countless options these days of bagging that coveted luxury item, another one pops up. Already a plethora of websites offering this service, Singapore Post jumps onto the bandwagon and presents you with… CLOUT SHOPPE. I’m just thinking… are they a bit late coming in to the scene?

Regardless, this trend really represents how affluent even the average Singaporean is. Only with an abundant demand will there be an ever-growing supply. I’m not against this for sure, it’s all good. It gives all of us a chance to own a designer item at slightly more affordable prices. I’m guilty of a purchase or two even. But the speed at which these items get sold out on the websites is truly amazing. And we’re not talking about items which cost a mere few hundred dollars, even the ones which go by the thousands get snapped up real quickly. They must be clicking ferociously just to make sure someone doesn’t bag that purchase first without even really thinking if they need/want it or if they can afford it. Oh! We’ll worry when the credit card bill arrives. Then u see an army of people trying to sell them off at the forums for a slight discount.

Of course, the marketing gurus behind these websites know how the human psyche works. They put up private sales which launch at a certain time and only lasts for a limited period of time, in the name of ‘exclusive member-only’ privileges. All these “tactics” are meant to push us shopping-crazy females to go to the website and feel the pressure to buy!! And we fall for it each and every day hook, line & sinker. Furthermore, anyone can be a member as long as they register with these websites. Hah! Just let the word ‘exclusive’ work its magic.

Well, as long as we’re on the topic. No harm dropping by these websites for a visit, and being a ‘member’ so u know whats available. Just in case there was something you really were looking out for. Just don’t get too carried away.

Just some of the many where i’m a ‘priviledged’ member:

1) Reebonz

2) Doorstep Luxury

3) Clout Shoppe

4) Singsale

5) Brandsfever

6) Haute Avenue

7) Bagsire

8) Kepris