Trend Spotting – Accessorising with Scarves

If you’ve always associated scarves with winter only, it’s time to re-think that! The scarf is your new best friend, a life-saver, an outfit jazz-er-up! (If there ever was such a word, but u know what i mean) And it really is an investment piece. Now you can give new life to a boring old outfit. I love how versatile they are, and the impact it can make on your statement outfit, paired with other accessories.

I must admit there was a time when i thought they seemed rather granny-ish. But i’ve totally changed my mind now. Just lookie at what we have here. Don’t tell me you haven’t changed your mind?!?!

As you can see, there are several ways of tying a scarf to create different looks. Here are some scarf-tying techniques you can learn. Which is more up your alley? 

The Long Tie | The Neck Wrap | Bandana Wrap |  Ascot Wrap | Two-Shoulder Wrap
Side-Knotted Belt
| Scarf as Traditional Belt

This is me experimenting with a bright coloured silk scarf to spice up a casual outfit. The scarf is a Korean import that i purchased from Shopaholic at Far East Plaza.