Define Your Style With Accessories

I know some people who are REALLY into accessories, and i know some who are REALLY NOT into accessories at all. Thing is… accessories REALLY do make a world of difference. It defines your personal sense of style. Accessories include (but are not limited to) jewellery, belts, scarves, SLGs etc etc…

Through years of experimenting with fashion and trends (there were hits and misses ;p), I’ve come to realise how i can recycle my outfits just by matching them with different accessories. A different style of accessory can change the overall look and feel of an outfit. It can also make or break an outfit at times. So instead of spending more money on buying more outfits, invest in some accessories to change and even update your existing outfits. Accessoring is SO fun!!

For a start, here are some unique pieces of jewellery that have caught my eye. These might inspire you to start looking for accessories that will make your outfits shine. Enjoy and welcome the impending weekend! Tommorow is TGIF!!

Ebony Necklace from Alldressedup – $160.30 SALE

Sadee Vice & Vanity Necklace from Alldressedup – $219

TYL necklace from Alldressedup – $125.30 SALE

Portia Cuff from Alldressedup – $139

Asymmetric  5 Swarovski Bracelet by Scott Wilson from Doorstep Luxury – $890

Crystal Tie by Ranjana Khan from Doorstep Luxury – $580

Pearl Strands Cuff by Vera Wang from Doorstep Luxury – $390 SALE