DIY – A tale of the white brick wall

For a while now, we’ve had a thing for white brick walls and wanted some of that texture in our home. I really don’t know why it did not occur to us when we did the renovation 2 years ago. Perhaps then, we were keeping a tight rein on the budget and did not want to spend more on fancy extras. And so, last month we decided to embark on this DIY project at home. We were gonna make this brick wall happen!

(*Image from White Cabana)

We did some research, called suppliers to compare prices and the various types of brick tiles we could use. We also looked for ‘inspiration’ images online so we knew exactly how it was going to end up looking like. We have an old 3-room HDB apartment which we overhauled before we moved in. So for those of you who are familiar with the layout of old 3-room HDBs, you would know that the ceiling is low, and it is significantly smaller than the new generation 3-roomers. We wanted a loft-like feel in our flat, but lofts typically have high ceilings so tiling all your walls with brick tiles will not be overwhelming. But in our case, we thought it would be best to just do one small wall and make it a feature instead. Plus, it would be easier on the pocket. The entire project cost us not more than S$150, and that includes the brick tiles, glue, putty and paint.

Here are some pix of the process, and we are extremely proud and happy with the outcome even if it may not be entirely perfect. The sense of satisfaction we got when it was complete was … indescribable.