one for the coming week

Sorry for the lack of updates lately, I realized I haven’t been very conscientious with posting these days.

Bear with me while I learn the delicate balance of work and life. I’m sure you are all too familiar with that I don’t feel like doing anything feeling when you leave the office. But not to worry, I’ll get there soon enough…

Just a heads up, I’ll be posting some fashion updates for men soon, including some lookfiles too. Do you love dressing your man up? I do!!!

My husband is a bit clueless about fashion and most of the time he can’t be bothered about what he wears, so I end up being his ‘fashion consultant’. He works in an environment where he doesn’t have to dress up in your typical shirt & pant combi, which I think is really cool. All the more he can be creative with what he chooses to wear, or rather what I pick out for him 🙂

Look out for it !! In the meantime, have a great week ahead gals and guys. I can’t wait for the next weekend to come. I know I’ll be the first to celebrate with a beer in hand.

Later Alligators!