Review – Fresh Sugar Honey

Sephora has been my best friend this X’mas period. Since i was done with work 2 weeks ago, i’ve visited like 3 or 4 times already. It’s every girl’s heaven and has been a haven for X’mas gifts! i love that place 🙂

Anyway, i was looking for a lip balm to replace this very sad looking one that i got as a gift from The Face Shop. It does work well, but i just needed something with a bit more oomph.

So there I was just browsing the hundreds of shelves in Sephora, and i came across the Fresh Lip Treatment. I must say that what first attracted me to it was its attractive packaging, and that sleek metal casing. It’s a tinted lip treatment with SPF 15 that nourishes, protects and plumps the lips.

Ahhh, just what i was looking for, and in a warm nude-brown tone as well. (I have too many pink-ish lip glosses) So i swatched it on my hand, and it was the most lovely color i’ve seen! I knew then I simply could not go home without it 🙂 Here it is, and here are some pictures i’d like to share.

Isn’t the packaging pretty?

I love that it has SPF. Anything with SPF is always a plus.

Check out the sleek, sexy metal casing. I think you should go down to Sephora and feel it for yourself.

It even has a screw-cap. This way, it can never dislodge and get destroyed in your bag or make-up pouch. Extra points!!

A lovely warm color. It’s only tinted so the color doesn’t really show much.

Above is a picture of my lips without anything on. You can see here that my lips are kinda pigmented.

Here’s one of me with the Fresh Sugar Honey freshly applied. I like that it still keeps my lip color natural especially for days when you’re going for a more neutral look. Yet it keeps my perpetually dry lips hydrated and leaves a healthy sheen without that sticky icky feeling you get with many other balms/glosses out there. It also has a very pleasant smell that is somewhat citrusy.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars