My 1st experience with Gel Manicures

Ever since i heard about the highly-raved gelish manicures and how they are long-lasting (chip-free for 2-3 weeks!) and quick to dry, i’ve been wanting to give it a try. So a while back, i purchased one of those deals from Groupon SG. And i paid $25 for a gel manicure which includes a free soak off on the next visit. I was very excited and thought about whether i should do the french manicure or the glitter tips.

Eventually i chose a salmon pink with a slight orange undertone as my base, with champagne gold glitter on the tips. Nothing too dramatic, but i was quite happy with the combination that i chose for this festive weekend that just past. Here’s a peek!

BUT, my story doesn’t end here…

The entire experience with this particular nail salon was extremely unpleasant to say the least. In fact, i would suggest that Groupon SG do more stringent checks on the merchants they work with and allow users like myself to write reviews. This would help them and other users to avoid such bad experiences.

So i called them last Friday to make an appointment for that very same afternoon at 3.00 pm. It started to rain very heavily, and I was running late because I was waiting for the rain to subside a little before leaving home. Out of courtesy, i called the nail salon to let them know that I was going to be late and asked if there would be any issues. I was merely informed that should other customers walk in during that time, i would just have to wait. Ok, fair enough i thought.

I braved the rain, and cabbed down to the place, arriving 20 minutes late. Upon my arrival, they were all busy. I walked in and one of them loudly asked if i was the one who made the 3.00pm appointment but was late, in front of all the customers. I said yes, and was told to sit and wait till someone was available to attend to me. Great, how NOT embarrassing.

I waited 20 minutes for my turn. This lady called out to me from where she was and motioned to me to sit at the manicure station, next to another customer who was doing acrylic nails. I was made to feel like a 2nd class citizen because what? I was late? or because i bought a Groupon voucher and wouldn’t be actually paying you for anything today? She was extremely rough with me and even cut my cuticle till it bled!!! In between, she left me to talk to a walk-in customer for 15 minutes. And in between all that, she kept getting up to pick up the phone. AND in between all that, she kept stopping to KPO and talk to her colleague sitting next to her and the customer that her colleague was attending to. I didn’t have an issue with her talking to them, it’s just that she kept stopping what she was doing every single time she talked to them and gave her advice on which crystal or ornament they should use for the acrylic nails.

She was obviously more interested in what they were up to. You know there’s this boxy-looking contraption that you insert your hands into after applying the gel polish with that florescent light? Instead of asking me to put my hand in, she merely tapped it to ‘inform’ me that i should put my hand in. What to do? She was too busy talking, giving advice and picking up the phone. A process that should have taken nothing more than 30 or 40 minutes at the most took me more than an hour (not including the initial 20 minutes of waiting time, that was my bad for being late).

Not only did she provide bad service, she was rather rude. Towards the end, i was just verifying that this Groupon deal included the soak off on the next visit. She merely nodded (without looking at me) and told me that they have a surcharge during the Lunar New Year period and asked me to ‘do the math‘. Like literally. Up to this point, i was already boiling mad and had rolled my eyes countless times. Obviously, i am never going back there and neither will i go back for the sake of that free soak off. I’d rather pay for it elsewhere that gives me good service. Not that i wanna be ‘atas’, but like any other paying customer i deserve good service and some attention, please add some sincerity into the mix too. Gosh! So angry!!

For those who are interested to know, this place is called Specialist Nail & Beauty Spa. They are located at B1-03 of Far East Shopping Centre along Orchard Road (this is just next to Liat Towers). Don’t ever go there! You’ve been warned.