By the bay in San Francisco (Part 1)

I’m almost ashamed to admit it, but my husband & i are pretty lazy travellers. Considering the amount of time, effort and money it takes to travel to the other side of the world (or anywhere else for that matter), we really do take our own sweet time. I know some people who go out early in the morning and only return to their hotel late at night, maximizing every minute of the day to visit as many tourist attractions as possible. They also do very detailed research on places to visit and even plan their transport routes on how to get there and the number of places they want to “hit” on that day.

For us, we prefer to take it slow and easy. We do some simple research and have a fairly good idea of where we want to go. A typical routine would see us waking up at about 9 in the morning, shower and get ready, and then have a leisurely breakfast. This is when we decide where to go and how to get there. So being connected and having an iPad really helps! Thank God for technology! 🙂

Taking our time at each of the places we visit allows me to better soak in the sights and sounds, and i will really remember what it feels like to be there. If wham bham we visited 6 places in a day, i would be too tired to remember anything other than what the photos reflect. Might as well follow a tour group, u get wake-up calls at 7 every morning. So not my thing…

Anyway, San Francisco is a lovely city though as a tourist i found Los Angeles more exciting. But it seems like a nice place to live in. We walked a lot, got lost quite a bit even (GPS is not perfect! LOL!) but the weather was wonderful, cold but not too cold. Oh! This seems weird, but i was suffering from jet lag for the first couple of days upon reaching SF. It usually happens only when you get home after a vacation. Oh well… hahah!

This was where we stayed in San Francisco for 4 nights, Hotel Union Square. It is a simple, refurbished 3-star boutique hotel located along Powell Street just round the corner from the Union Square. It’s right up there in terms of convenience. The service was good, but don’t expect 5-star luxury hotel type of service though. Hotels around Union Square are generally small, so we were just satisfied with what we had. The check-in process was fairly quick, much appreciated after a long long flight and the staff were quite helpful with information that we needed. There was also free tea and coffee in the lobby, right along with a business centre for guests. All guests have in-room wireless internet access so that was a major plus-point for us cos we both needed our daily fix. And another thing to note is that not all hotels in SF have air-conditioning by default. So spoilt me HAD to find one with air-conditioning so i could use it as a heater.

We paid US$127 a night at Hotel Union Square, which was a good price considering the prime location and the fact that it was renovated. We found this deal through i love how it is so easy to use. But that’s a story for another day.

Around Union Square

We took a long walk to the Fisherman’s Wharf, where we had a lovely dinner at Alioto’s. Maybe it’s just me…i’m easy to please. The roads, the buildings, the people, the blue skies… made it a perfect day for me. Simple and memorable 🙂 (I was only slightly pissed that my husband made us walk the wrong way, which was a much longer walk. LOL)

To be continued…