Face of The Day: Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

I’m usually quite fuss-free with make-up because i refuse to sacrifice my sleep in the morning just to go the extra mile to ‘paint’ my face each day. My everyday make-up routine consists of only pressed powder, eyelid primer, eyeliner, brow liner  and blusher. That’s it! And that is what you’ve probably seen with my self-portraits in previous posts so far. Only on special occasions or if i’m in that mood to look good will i bother to slap on foundation, concealer, eyeshadow, and mascara.

So today was one of those days when i was suddenly inspired to do one of those smokey eye looks. I’ve watched several videos on youtube on how to create that smokey eye look and they always make it look like its so simple. Truth be told, it really takes a steady hand to achieve what they have done so flawlessly. Who knows? With some practice, it could be more often a part of my make-up routine 🙂

Gathered here are some products which i already have to try my hand at this… Sometimes i amuse myself by looking at the amount of make-up i have and how much make-up i use on a daily basis. And oh! I just realized that i forgot to shoot my Urban Decay eyelid primer. Next time…

I love this mini eyeshadow trio that i got from Stila. So simple yet quite versatile. Besides a smokey eyelid, you can also dab on the dark brown in the middle to ‘smoke out‘ your eyeliner as well.

For this look, i used the pink blush on the top left-hand corner for a sheer healthy pink flush on the cheeks.

So i followed the steps which i remembered from the video and… voila! This is what it looks like. Not perfect i know, i’ll keep practicing 🙂

And here i am with my hair down, ready for a night out. LOL! 🙂
No false eyelashes, just 2 coats of mascara.