Face of The Day: Getting Naked with Urban Decay

I know this is so last century’s news especially since NAKED2 has been out for some time now. But I’ve heard a lot of good things and seen many ‘LOTDs’ & ‘EOTDs’ created with Naked on several beauty blogs and websites. The more i heard and saw, the more i knew I had to get my hands on one.

So I’ve had the legendary Naked Palatte for just a while, and now that i do have time on my hands, i started to play around with it. I love the luxe velvety finish of its packaging with the gold lettering. Being a make-up newbie and all, i needed to get down & dirty with it so we are better acquainted ;p

At one glance, you know this palatte is made up of mostly neutral/warm colors, great for those smoldering smokey eye looks that are still ever so popular. When you see it for yourself, you’ll understand why it’s one of the most sought-after and best selling eyeshadow palettes around and why some makeup gurus claim it is their Holy Grail of eyeshadows. With 12 gorgeous shades, it is basic yet versatile, allowing one to create several looks depending on how creative you are. From what i’ve read, many other palattes have come and gone with the seasons, but it seems like the Naked series is here to stay.

Here’s a closer look at the colors and the textures. The shimmers are really pretty. But, these shadows tend to have quite a bit of fall out. So i had to brush off the remnants from underneath my eyes after i was done shading and blending.

I swatched my favorite colors. (L to R: SIN, SIDECAR, HALFBAKED, SMOG, TOASTED)
Here, i actually layered on quite a bit to achieve this color intensity.

This was my attempt at a bronze-y eye. I used VIRGIN, SIN & HALFBAKED to create this look.
With a lighter hand used, you can see that the color intensity is not really as what’s shown when i swatched it above. I think this might be a more everyday or office-appropriate version that you can wear. Beautiful, yet easy on the eye.

Thanks for looking 🙂