Dog Whisperer Free Pet Shop SG

Two weekends ago, i visited the Dog Whisperer Free Pet Shop event organized by the National Geographic channel here in Singapore. It was held at the East Coast Park over 2 days. I was there on the 2nd day, and i must say the response was overwhelming. I had no intention of adopting a dog, but i went anyway because 1) I’m a big fan of the Dog Whisperer (no, Cesar Millan was not there!) 2) i love dogs and being around them. Sad to say, my current lifestyle does not permit the addition of a pet.

The event was held mainly in support of the Dog Whisperer television show screened on the National Geographic channel, but it was also about raising and building awareness of adopting dogs in Singapore. Naturally, associations such as SPCA and ASD were largely involved in this event. A few local celebrities such as Randall Tan, Melody Chen, Chua En Lai, Alaric Tay and Lisa S turned up to support the event as well, some with their dogs in tow.

That said, i’m not so sure the ‘overwhelming response’ was about the adopting of dogs at the event, or treating the event like a carnival for their own dogs. Many dog owners turned up with their own dogs for a spot of fun. I saw many children and adults alike going goo goo ga ga over the dogs that were up for adoption, so it would be really interesting to see what the rates of adoption were like as a result of this event. And it was a good thing that no dogs were to be adopted on the spot during the event, you were only allowed to register your interest to adopt and follow-up would be done on a separate day. Can you imagine the level of ‘impulse’ adoption that would have happened?

I’ve been a dog owner myself, and it is no easy task tending to the needs of a dog. It is exactly what they say – a lifetime commitment. So i hope the dogs that have been adopted are treated with tender loving care and are given the attention that they need to be healthy and happy. If you are in the market to include a dog or any other pet for that matter into your family, do consider adoption as your first choice. I think there are just too many abandoned/neglected pets out there that need a 2nd chance at a happy life.

Here are some photos i took at the event. Thanks for looking! 🙂