Review – ELF Essential Lipstick in Fearless

So i mentioned in my previous post about my recent elf haul from Gmarket. One of the products in that haul was the essential lipstick in ‘Fearless’. It is a nice luscious red, something i was looking for to include in my growing stash. I don’t own a red lipstick, and i wanted to try it out & see how i could use it to incorporate a classic look. Since i wasn’t so sure about it, i decided to go cheap and pay S$3.90 for it.

First of all, i love how the color looks in the packaging and from swatches that i saw online before i made my purchase. It is a simple, bold red. You can’t go wrong with it. The packaging is plastic, with a see-through portion in the middle so you can see the color inside the tube. So naturally, it feels kinda plasticky and flimsy. If i were to make a comparison, i think the packaging of the NYX round lipsticks feels a tad more sturdy. But you naturally don’t harp on such things especially for the price that you pay. Anyway, the cap comes off nice and easy there. However, i’m not sure if its because it’s still new but there is some resistance when i twist the lower portion of the tube. The twisting motion is not smooth at all, and part of me is worried that one day it will break because of this.

This is a matte lipstick, but the texture isn’t very dry like what you get with some others. It is relatively creamy and easy to apply. If you have perpetually dry lips or live in cold climates, you might want to apply a colorless lip balm to prep ur lips first then apply this lipstick. Given that i didn’t have very high expectations of this product in the first place, i believe i’m quite impressed with its overall quality and performance. In short, i think it is a great, affordable lipstick to have in a few different shades so you have variety that can match different looks.

Would i buy another? Yes, definitely! I’m already eyeing another shade called ‘Captivating’ which is a wearable peach/orange shade, perfect for Spring/Summer! Beauty by Krystal has great swatches of some other shades as well, if you’re interested 🙂

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Here’s what Fearless looks like swatched on my hand.

And what i look like with ‘Fearless’ applied on my lips. I also tried to layer a nude lipstick over it to see how different it looks (see image on Right)
When worn alone, i think it has more of a cool tone but turns warm (almost like a berry sort of shade) once i apply a layer of nude color over it. What do you think?

Thanks for looking! 🙂