Review – Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream #15

This was a totally indulgent purchase in my case. I blame you Sephora, yes i do. So the story is that I received an email saying i only had to spend S$40 more to claim my S$40 voucher. Anyway, my excuse was that i didn’t have a cream eyeshadow in my stash and i really wanted needed one! So off i went in search for the HG of all cream eyeshadows.

I innocently approached the Make Up For Ever (MUFE) shelf display at Sephora (Vivocity) and was attracted by the myriad of colors available in the aqua cream range. I fell in love with this color (#15) as soon as i swatched it. To be honest, i fell in love with many other colors from the range. But i was thinking that if i could only buy one color, i’d probably get the most mileage from this shade because it is a neutral warm shade that is versatile and one can typically use it to create different eye looks for different occasions.

Here’s what it looks like. This small jar with a glossy black plastic screw cap, contains 6g of product that is made in Belgium. Upon inspection, it looks quite ‘harmless‘, a normal warm, taupe-like shade. I was wondering what the color payoff would be like and how it would perform upon application.

Product contains:
– Volatile Oil
– Fimogen Polymer
– High concentration of specially selected iridescent pearls & pigments
– Synthetic ester
It is paraben-free, dermatologist-tested and ophthalmologist-tested.

(extracted from MUFE website)

I swatched it pretty heavily here, to give you an idea of how intense the color can be. As you can see, it is a dark bronze-y, taupe-y shade that is quite metallic, and has one heck of a sheen.

My thoughts:
– I was told that i didn’t have to use a eyelid primer if i was using this as a base. But i did anyway.
– I realized many people use their fingers to apply cream eyeshadow in the tutorials that i watched. Personally for me, it was much easier to control the amount of product picked up and the color intensity when i use a small brush to apply the aqua cream all over my lid. It’s better to apply little by little blending it in, rather than applying more product to achieve the same intensity.
– The aqua cream dries off quite quickly to a smooth powder finish, so you need to be fast and blend quickly before it sets. Another reason why i feel using a brush is easier.
– Color payoff is excellent and it really doesn’t budge (and i have oily eyelids!), smudge or crease much at all! I’m super impressed! Worth every cent of S$39!
– I want more shades in my stash please!!

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Here are 2 Face-of-The-Days:
1) Layered with a dark green eyeshadow from my SLEEK eyeshadow palette &
2) Layered with ‘Gunmetal’ from my Naked palette to create a more intense, smoky eye look.

First Look

Second Look

Thanks for looking! 🙂