The Face Shop Nail Polish Haul

I really wasn’t planning on it, but i came home with a few new nail colors from The Face Shop. They have a range of pretty colors, and coupled with a reasonable price point, who can resist? ;p Definitely not me!

I bought a total of 5 colors, and they are (1) GR502, (2)PP405, (3) BR801 (4) BL602 and (5) BK901. Below is a glimpse of what they look like. 😀 (Please note these color codes i’ve quoted here may be different from what you have seen in other blogs. I’m not too sure if they got the sticker wrong, but these are what i see on the ones I’ve purchased here in SG)

As for the texture and consistency, these colors are all on the creamy side and extremely easy to apply. The color payoff is really good in my opinion, and i didn’t experience any streaking either. Even better than some colors from more expensive brands. These colors cost S$7.90 each, except for BR801 which cost S$10.90.

GR502 is my favorite color so far, it’s very easy easy to carry off and i imagine i would get the most mileage out of it as it is an everyday go-to color for any occasion.

My rating for GR502 is 5 out of 5 stars.



Here are swatches of the other colors from my haul 🙂

(L) BR801, (R) PP405

The glittery bits on PP405 doesn't photograph well, so it looks like a flat dark plum color. It's got more dimension in real life. As for the warm glittery gold, i'm really beginning to warm up to it.

(L) BL602, (R) BK901

You can vaguely see the lighter blue specks in BK901 on my index finger. And i love how the color in BL602 shifts slightly in the light.

Thanks for looking! 🙂 Do you have any favorite nail polish colors from The Face Shop?