Review – Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Cream Shadow Velvet Plum

Ever since i tried out the MUFE Aqua Cream that i had recently reviewed, i’ve been wanting to try out a similar product from a different brand to compare. And so I decided on Bobbi Brown after spending some time browsing the aisles at the duty free store.

I went home with Velvet Plum, which I was told by the SA is a new color to the range of cream shadows. Sitting in the jar, it looks like a bronze/copper-ish sort of color, despite its name. I was expecting a purplish shade of sorts, but still i thought it was a pretty and very wearable shade. I tried using my finger to swatch the color onto the back of hand, and i found it difficult to pick up the product. The SA recommended using a brush to pick up the product so i could do a proper swatch to truly see the color.

Here are some pictures i took of the product packaging and a swatch for your reference.

My thoughts:

# The product is creamy, and when applied with a brush, is pretty easy to blend onto the eyelid.
# It’s quite pigmented, with a smooth metallic finish.
# You’ll need to be quick to blend it out once applied, as it dries off to a smooth matte finish rather quickly.
# True to its name, it is indeed long-lasting with no creasing or smudging even with my oily eyelids.
# This isn’t a very unique shade that you wouldn’t be able to find elsewhere, but it is very wearable so it’s something that i would reach for frequently with everyday looks.
# The Bobbi Brown Long-Wear cream shadow performs just as well as the MUFE Aqua Cream. However, i think the color payoff of the MUFE Aqua Cream is slightly better.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

I’ll find a chance to do a FOTD using this product so you can see how it looks on me. Stay tuned! Thanks for looking!