Review – Healthier Hair with TK TrichoKare

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I don’t know about you, but I’ve always been under the impression that TrichoKare was just a place for people with hair loss problems. It was only when I recently received an invitation to give their hair treatment a try, did i do some research on the company and the services that they offer. Basically, TK TrichoKare offers trichological solutions for hair and scalp problems and these include male and female pattern hair loss, post-partum alopecia (post-natal hair problems), Seborrhea Oleosa (greasy scalp), Pityriasis (dandruff) as well as dry and brittle hair. So, they do indeed cater to people with hair loss problems just as I thought. However, it goes beyond that and they also cater to hair/scalp problems that both you and I may currently face or have faced at some point in our lives so far. You might have seen some of their advertisements, where Diana Ser is their spokesperson.

So what exactly is it that they do? In a nutshell, TrichoKare can help you to regain the natural health of your hair quickly and effectively with trichologist-validated treatments using herbalist-formulated products that utilise premium European herbs. To ensure you receive a treatment that is best suited for your hair/scalp issues, an experienced trichologist will first perform a detailed hair and scalp analysis to determine the source of your hair problems. Following the initial consultation, they will also monitor your progress closely to help you obtain the positive results within the quickest time. TrichoKare also claims to specialise in treating women hair care problems and was the first ISO 9001 certified trichological centre in Singapore. The brand was founded by a trichologist + herbalist, and apparently this is a combination that is unique to TrichoKare in the market.

Following a recommendation from a friend, i’ve actually visited a home-grown hair care centre that treats scalp problems before – just for fun. I was told they don’t use a masque or any form of chemicals in their treatments. It was all natural (herbs and stuff) and very affordable. No harm, so why not? I went once and it was definitely the last. My friend definitely failed to mentioned the pungent smell that lingered on my hair for about 5 days after the treatment. I was practically a walking chinese medicinal hall for those couple of days, and that left me very distressed and conscious about my hair, worrying if people around me could smell it. It even left a very undesirable smell on my pillow which i had to live with for those few days. Another thing to note is that the the mixture of herbs they used contained henna, which helps to cover grey hairs if you have any. That really irritated me, because from what i understand, henna can change your hair color and if you color your hair after that, the henna actually prevents your hair from absorbing the color. You’ll actually have to grow out your hair before you can color it again.

I’ve never really experienced any major hair/scalp issues to date. In fact, i’ve often been told by various hairdressers thats i have a lot of hair, and thick as well. Only thing is i have a somewhat oily scalp which i manage by washing my hair everyday. My hair texture is a little dry, but it was always attributed to the fact that i have natural curls and that causes it to be a little frizzy. And i only experience a bit of flakiness on my scalp post traveling due to the change in weather. So it took me some courage to try out this treatment from TrichoKare.

I visited the Novena Square branch, which is located at #03-19/21. I’m not sure why, but I envisioned the place to be cold, with white fluorescent lighting and that the staff there would be donned in white clinical robes – something like what i see at the doctor or at the dentist. I was definitely in for a surprise, because I was greeted by what seemed to be a very luxurious spa-like environment with warm lights and the smell of essential oils, and that made me feel comfortable and less nervous about what to expect. The warm and inviting ambience definitely felt like it was catered more towards the modern woman, especially with the beautiful wallpaper, and a shelf filled with the latest women’s magazines.

I met with the friendly trichologist and was then led to a consultation room for my hair and scalp analysis.

After our initial chat about my hair history, the analysis began proper. I was found to have a dandruff problem due to clogged hair follicles. I heaved a sigh of relief when told it wasn’t too serious. So what was in store for me that day was a cleansing treatment for the scalp to remove the build-up and flakiness. During the consultation, i learned that up to 40% of women in Singapore actually suffer from thinning hair. For some, it’s hereditary and for others, it could be due to menopause or post-natal causes whereby a change in hormones can cause excessive hair loss. And for some others, it could be due to excessive chemical treatments or simply pure negligence. Though i don’t quite experience any excessive hair loss now, if i don’t treat this dandruff problem it could potentially grow to become a bigger problem. The increased build-up could affect the clogged hair follicle and that could in turn cause it to become even more oily, produce more dandruff and eventually lead to excessive hair loss. I also learned that each healthy hair follicle should have at least 3-4 strands of hair.

From what i can see from the scan, most of my hair follicles have 3 strands, and just a few that have 2 or 1. Here’s what my scan looks like. Just so you can see what i mean, i’ve circled the traces of dandruff in red.

The consultant explained further that the purifying scalp masque that can help to cleanse my scalp contains several european herbs and botanicals. She assured me that there would be no pungent smells. Here’s the herbs that they use and their uses.

  • Rosemary – prevents premature hair loss
  • Aloe Vera – improves blood circulation under the scalp to deliver nutrients to the hair follicles
  • Nettle – adds softness and shine to the hair, also improves the strength and manageability of longer hair
  • Jojoba – regulates sebum (oil) production and prevents the accumulation of toxins in hair follicles
  • Burdock – Anti-dandruff properties, reduces scalp itching and helps prevent scalp allergies
  • Chamomile – can be used to treat inflamed or irritated skin, also adds shine and lustre to long hair
  • Chicory – commonly used to treat irritated or inflamed scalp
  • Leopard’s Bane – also known as Arnica, Leopard’s Bane is used for dandruff control and to promote hair growth

A therapist took over once the consultation was over. She applied the masque onto my scalp and told me to wait for 20 minutes.

Following that, she proceeded to wash my hair with a minty shampoo and conditioner. There was a a tingling, cooling sensation which felt very refreshing indeed. After toweling dry my hair, she placed a heated shoulder pad over my shoulders and gave me a very nice neck and shoulder massage. I only wished it lasted longer cos it felt so good and relaxing!! ;p Thereafter, i had my hair semi blow-dried. She then applied some tonic onto my scalp and gently massaged it in. Next, my hair was blow-dried till it was fully dry, then then they placed this infra-red contraption thingy over my head and left me for a while. I was told it helps to promote blood circulation. And this is a picture of me with the infra-red machine. 🙂

There was another consultation session with the trichologist post-treatment. Here’s what the scan showed, and i was very happy to see that the dandruff was no longer there and i had a clean scalp 🙂

I was pleased to see how effective the treatment was for me, especially after just one treatment. Of course a single treatment will not last forever, i’m well aware of that. The trichologist advised that a once-a-month treatment would be sufficient to maintain a cleansed scalp. For those of you with busy schedules trying to balance work and family, i think once a month maintenance sounds reasonably easy to achieve.

TK TrichoKare is located conveniently at 3 places:

  • Wheelock Place #05-09A
  • Clementi Mall #05-11/12
  • Novena Square #03-19/21

TK TrichoKare is now offering an exclusive promotion for my readers here in Singapore. Do visit to enjoy a 1-for-1 scalp purification treatment @ $59.99 + free $200 package voucher! Note that the 1-for-1 means two treatments in a single session, so bring your family or friends down to enjoy this offer together. I think that’s a pretty good deal so should take advantage of the promotion to try it out for yourselves. For all of us ladies, our crowning glory is really one of the most important things to maintain.