Singapore’s Inaugural ‘Make Your Own Havaianas’ Event

Who hasn’t heard of Havaianas right? Well, they are celebrating their 50th anniversary this weekend (14 – 15 July) with the launch of MYOH here in Singapore. They are taking this opportunity to introduce the refreshing concept of MYOH to fashionistas on our shores. Spanning across 2 days, the inaugural event is open to the general public and will be held at the Havaianas store located at Takashimaya Shopping Centre #B1-38.

Imagine that, you’ll be able to create your very own statement pieces! Unleash your creativity and exude free-spirited style by playing designer and customizing Havaianas flip-flops at this weekend’s MYOH event. From an enticing galore of colorful soles and straps, right down to the decorative pins, the possibilities are simply endless as you mix-and-match to create a pair of Havaianas you can finally call your own!

Coveted by A-list Hollywood celebrities and throngs of fans who queue for hours in hopes of getting their customized Havaianas flip-flops, MYOH has amassed tremendous support and followings in countries including Brazil, New York and London. Havaianas has graced the feet of of everyone, such as designers Christian Louboutin and Michael Kors, supermodels Heidi Klum and Naomi Campbell, Hollywood star Jennifer Aniston, sports icon David Beckham, to royalty such as Queen Silvia of Sweden.

The MYOH concept is a manifestation of innovation by Havaianas, which has been at the core of the brand since it was created in the 1960s. Inspired by the rice-straw Japanese sandal (Zori), Havaianas has retained the ‘rice grain’ pattern and secret rubber recipe on its sole, while listening to consumers and releasing thousands of styles, prints and color combinations befitting all occasions, and collaborating with fashion designers such as Missoni. Today, Havaianas continues to infuse its brand with innovative ideas as it embraces consumer lifestyle and introduces refreshing and engaging activities like the MYOH event.

I can’t wait to attend the Havaianas MYOH Party and witness the ‘birth’ of my very own creation! Happy 50th Anniversary Havaianas!! You can find out more about Havaianas and their MYOH event on their FB page here.