Unboxing the Bellabox – Jul 2012

So this month, we’re back to 5 samples from Bellabox. There was however, a bonus lipstick pen thrown in. As you might have heard, Bellabox has increased their monthly subscription rate from S$15 to $19.95 from July onwards. That itself caused quite an outburst from several subscribers, prompting some to cancel their subscriptions too. I must say last month’s bumper box created quite a bit of excitement around the blogospere, and tempting many to sign up because of the great samples. It has also upped the expectations of many, myself included, on subsequent boxes.

The theme surrounding this month’s Bellabox is ‘Around the World‘ – Discovering the best in beauty from across the globe, being inspired by high fashion and neon colors of summer and it also includes a little bellabox gift for each member. Also, 3 lucky members will find a Tiffany gift hidden in their July box.

Let’s check out July’s goodies!

1. Tokyo: Shu Uemura Art of Hair
A full line of haircare and styling products that is sure to impress. Based on a unique selection of natural ingredients that deliver purity with the highest level of performance for a sensorial and extremely personalized luxury experience.
Shu Uemura “Full Shimmer Shampoo & Mask” for coloured hair – 200ml for $59, 300ml for $80
Shu Uemura “Moisture Velvet Shampoo & Mask” for dry hair – 200ml for $59, 300ml for $89

2. London: Jimmy Choo Fragrance
Imagine femininity, luxury and style bottled…introducing Jimmy Choo, the Fragrance. The EDT, is a floral and fruity combination of green top notes with Tea Rose, exotic Tiger Orchid and Cedarwood. The EDP is more sensual adding sweet Italian Orance and Indonesian Patchouli to this elixir.
Eau de Parfum – 40ml for $78, 60ml for $125, 100ml for $165
Eau de Toilette – 40ml for $68, 60ml for $112, 100ml for $145

3. Korea: L’egere Double White O2 One Stop Cleanser
This amazing all-in-one cleanser by L’egere will leave your skin preserved with chamomile extract and wiped fresh of makeup. Forget about buying a makeup remover and separate face wash, this product does both for you!
130ml for $38.90

4. Japan: SK-II
For more than 30 years, SK-II has brought to many women new, breakthrough technology and product innovation that have been widely acclaimed in Asia and around the world. Discover and experience the miracle of crystal clear skin and life today.
SK-II Facial Treatment Gentle Cleanser 120g for $89
SK-II Cellumination Mask-In Lotion 100ml for $114
SK-II Facial Treatment Essence 75ml for $99, 150ml for $168, 215ml for $209
SK-II Cellumination Deep Surge EX 50g for $199

5. Korea: Skinmiso Pore Beauty Nose Pack
Skinmiso’s nose pack will help rid you of black and whiteheads in the comfort of your own home. With a simple three-step process you can reveal perfect skin and help ensure it stays that way.
Mask-10 sheet plus Essence-15ml $21.99 USD

Bonus: Bellabox Lipstick Pen

While i like the idea of a bonus gift and the lipstick pen is kinda cute and chic, i would have appreciated it more if it wasn’t scratched up. I’m not a big fan of hair care samples like shampoo and conditioners, so i would have much preferred the twist hair tie thingy that some others had received. I’m not new to SK-II, but still i look forward to trying out their range of products. Who knows? It may prompt me to integrate some of these into my skincare routine. The Skinmiso pore beauty nose pack sounds great, i think i really need that seeing i haven’t gone for a facial in ages!

So the final verdict for this month’s Bellabox is that it didn’t really leave feeling very excited. It was alright, you know… so-so. Hopefully next mont’s box will be more exciting. Perhaps it is time i log in to my account to review my ‘preferences’? Do you do that periodically?

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If you would like to subscribe to Bellabox, check it out here!