Review – Christian Dior Ltd Edt Tailleur Bar Eyeshadow Palette

My first Christian Dior product!! Can you believe it? I actually got this from Makeup Blogette‘s recent blog sale. It looked so beautiful, i couldn’t let this one go…

This limited edition collection was released sometime in 2010 i believe. It is my first foray into the high-end world of Christian Dior makeup. While i do not have other Christian Dior cosmetics to compare it to, i do have some thoughts about it. Read on to find out more.

First up – peektures! Even though it is a ‘pre-loved’ product, try to imagine its beauty in its full glory. I know i did, and that’s what got me!! 🙂

Here are swatches of the lovely colors (except for Blissful Pink & Anthracite Black – it was too tiny to swatch with my finger)

Dawn Greyin the background
Blissful Pinkskin of the female figure
Whisper Greythe color of her suit
Storm Bluethe hat she’s wearing
Anthracite Blackthe gloves she’s wearing

My thoughts:

The colors are really lovely – great one for putting together simple classic looks. The texture is smooth and velvety, a dream to use. The color payoff is in general above average. Except for Dawn Grey which is what i’ve used as the base color in my FOTD below. I realized i need to layer on more color so its more opaque. You will see that it is quite sheer on my eyes. I swatched it quite heavily in the pic above, so it may seem like it’s quite pigmented. Otherwise, i noticed hardly any fall out and the colors are really easy to blend. In terms of staying power, i must say i’m disappointed. After a good 8 hours out and about, it seems my oily lids have completely absorbed the base color. You will only see traces of Whisper Grey left on my crease and outer corners. Well, i know i won’t be using this when i need to be out all day running around. I definitely hope this isn’t a testament of how all Christian Dior eyeshadows perform.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars

And finally, here’s my FOTD using Dawn Grey and Whisper Grey from the Tailleur Bar eyeshadow palette.

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