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I’m not sure how many of you out there actually use products which cater specifically to feminine hygiene. Before i was invited to do this review, it really hadn’t occurred to me to try one. Another question i had running through my mind was – is it really important or necessary at all? You may be wondering the same, thinking why you shouldn’t just continue using your regular body wash to cleanse your intimate area.

You know, us beauty junkies are so caught up in general skincare for our face and body, always on the look out for the next best product for whitening, rejuvenation, anti-aging etc etc etc. The list can go on and on. So how come it hasn’t occurred to me till now to pay special attention to the most intimate area of my body? Yet at the back of my mind, i’ve always known how important it is to maintain a certain level of hygiene in the intimate area. Especially so during that time of the month – think unwanted odors and bacteria. And you definitely want to do everything in your power to reduce any chances of developing infections too!

So today, let me share with you 2 products from Lactacyd – Lactacyd White Intimate and Lactacyd Revitalize. Read on to find out more about what these products are all about and what they can do for you, and how feminine care can help.

The Lactacyd White Intimate is Singapore’s first intimate wash with skin lightening benefits and the first of its kind that is made with natural ingredients. Apparently, 90% of Asian women in a product test witnessed visible lightening after 12 weeks, and 67% witnessed skin lightening in just 4 weeks.

I believe this might be a common occurrence amongst us women – darkened bikini areas. This is a result of perspiration and excessive frictions from tight clothing – both of which are common in Singapore’s hot and humid weather and our fashion choices. If you’ve been shy to wear a bikini at the beach for fear of exposing darkened skin in the bikini area, fret no more.

So how can Lactacyd White Intimate help? It contains marine-based Algowhite (a marine-based whitening agent, lightens by reducing melanin synthesis, exfoliates by activating the cells thereby reducing darkness and protects by inhibiting free radicals), plant-based Actipone-B ingredients (a marine-based whitening agent, lightens the skin by inhibiting the production of melanin, a pigment found in skin which is the origin of skin darkness), and milk-based Lactoserum/Lactic acid. It is also dermatogically-tested safe to be used for the intimate area.

And Lactacyd Revitalize? It contains gentle cleansing and anti-aging properties such as Vitamin E, Collagen and Trehalose (a long lasting deodorant moisturizer), and this helps to rejuvenate skin and leave it firm and supple.

Here’s what both products look like. It is an almost clear liquid soap, which has a pleasant floral scent. Just like regular soap, it lathers up easily with some water, and my skin didn’t feel tight after washing.

My thoughts:

All you need is a thumb-sized amount of product to work with. The recommended usage is twice a day for best results, though i’ve only been using it once a day so far. I’ve been using this product for almost 5 weeks so far, and so far so good. Certainly, i do not scrutinize my intimate area on a daily basis so i won’t go as far as to say that it has done wonderful things for me.

However, i must share with you that i HAVE experienced slight skin lightening results on my bikini area – so it has done what it claims to be able to do. One thing to note is that i do experience a bit of a warm sensation whenever i use the White Intimate product – not burning sensation, just a warm sensation. But it subsides quickly. This may or may not happen for you, it may just be my own skin reacting to the product.

Will i continue using this product and do i like it? The answer is yes to both questions. As a woman, hygiene in the intimate area is extremely important (now that I’ve been reminded why) and i will continue to at least perform the basic ritual of using the right cleansing products.

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