Review – Shu Uemura Glow On Blush medium peach 560

Yet another recent duty free purchase, today i’d like to share a little bit about the Shu Uemura Glow On Blush in medium peach 560. They have several beautiful shades, so it wasn’t so easy picking a color for my first Shu Uemura blush. I didn’t have much time to properly swatch and compare the shades, as we were expected to board soon at the airport in Jarkarta. I settled on a coral pink shade which i was confident would look good on me.

Here are some pictures of the product in its casing and a swatch of the medium peach 560.

My thoughts:

To be honest, i’m not too crazy about its packaging. Yes, it is very compact, fuss-free and minimalist. However, i think they can do something about its plastiky, lightweight casing – which, by the way, you have to pay extra for. For the price you are paying, you’d think they can do better. After all, i do like the glass bottle packaging for their liquid foundations.

I paid a total of US$28 (~S$36) for the blusher and its casing. If i’m not wrong, the normal retail price at counters in Singapore is about S$50.

What i do love about it is that it’s really pigmented and easy to blend. It even gives a very subtle glow to your skin upon application. You will see from the swatch above, that it is really leans more towards pink than coral though. I don’t mind that, as it applies beautifully on my skin (not blotchy at all!) You may want to keep this in mind if you’re really looking for a peachy kinda shade. In terms of staying power, it does pretty well in my books. I can still see the color on my cheeks well past lunch time.

Hope this review was useful to you!

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