Review – SexyLook Rejuvenating Duo Lifting Mask

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Today i’d like to introduce a mask sheet product from SexyLook. This is another product that kindly sent to me for review. Read my previous review on the LoveMore Loofah & Aloe Vera Hydrating Mask.

I was truly intrigued to know that this product contains bird’s nest and caviar, it sounds like a really indulgent and rich mask treatment.

Pdt Information
Enriched with collagen, it gives the skin double moisture to keep it supple, elastic and hydrated. This 3D Lifting Mask with ear hooks fight against gravity and lifts the skin at your neck, mouth, cheek and eye areas. Containing a high concentration of caviar extract, it is also rich in nutrition and helps to delay aging, giving skin a younger and firmer appearance.

Here’s what the packaging looks like.

How to use:
1. Fit the mask onto your face
2. Hook the mask onto your ears on both sides
3. Pull the hook at your chin up to your ears
4. Massage your face while your skin absorbs the essence, this helps to maximize absorption of the essence.

My thoughts:

I’m not really a fan of these 3D lifting masks. You’re supposed to stretch it pretty tight across your face, and hook it onto your ears so there’s a lifting effect. To me – it was just plain uncomfortable. If you’ve tried one of these or other similar products, you’ll know what i mean.

Also, this mask was not as thin as the Lovemore one i tried recently. I’m partial to thin masks that are comfortable, i can’t help it – it’s supposed to be a relaxing and comfortable experience.

Having said that, this product left my skin feeling pretty hydrated. My skin felt smooth and supple after removing it. Again, to avoid reverse osmosis take it off after 15 minutes for maximum effectiveness.

Most of us leave our mask sheets in the fridge right? I did that too, and usually upon putting it on, it feels really cool and refreshing. However, after 2 mins or so with this particular product, my face felt kinda warm. Not sure if it was my skin reacting to the essence. Maybe it’s too rich for my skin?

Overall, i prefer the Lovemore mask compared to this, and it fits much better too. If you’d like to give this product a go, you can check it on the website. It is $7.90 for a box, which contains 5 mask sheets.

Disclaimer: Products featured were provided for review. Review is my complete and honest opinion. I am not affiliated with or  compensated by the company.