Review – LORAC Pro Palette

I’ve had this palette for almost 6 months or so, and this review comes kinda late. However, i still hope it will be useful to those who are interested in picking one up for themselves. I got this in the U.S when i was there in January earlier this year for US$42. It also comes with a 0.17 oz tube of primer.

The palette is very lightweight and thin, and features a magnetic closure similar to that of the Urban Decay Naked palette. Great for traveling, it comes with 16 shades – matte shades in the top row, and shimmery shades in the bottom row. Otherwise, what you see is what you get, the packaging is nothing I’d write home about.

LORAC Pro Palette

LORAC Pro Palette

My thoughts:

As you can see from the picture, i’ve put it to fairly good use during this time. In general, i think you get a pretty good variety of neutral shades in this palette. The quality and payoff are more than decent too. The matte black and espresso do come off as a bit chalky and are less pigmented than i would have hoped . I didn’t experience a lot of fall out with the matte nor shimmery shades, and they do last fairly long through the day as well. Overall, these colors do pack more oomph than say my Lunasol palette – those are more sheer for that soft focus look (typical of most Japanese brand eyeshadows).

If you’re not the type to invest in several eyeshadow palettes, i think having one of these is pretty good. It gives you a good variety of shades to work with and the color payoff is pretty good. If you already own lots of palettes, i think you can probably give this a miss. It’s definitely not a must-have, especially at this price.

I didn’t swatch all the colors here, only my favorite shades, and these are the ones i reach for most often.

Swatches - LORAC Pro Palette

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