Review – NARS Gentle Cream Cleanser

I’ve been slightly curious about NARS skincare range, even though i haven’t heard a whole lot about it. I saw the NARS Gentle Cream Cleanser at the last Shiseido sale i went to couple of months back, so I took the opportunity to try it out. A 125ml tube retails for US$29 (I’m not sure about the regular retail price here in Singapore)

Before i go into details, here’s what the packaging looks like. Very typical NARS (i think!), except it isn’t in black. It’s clean, simple and very minimalist-looking.

NARS Gentle Cream Cleanser

Product Information: (Taken from the NARS website)

A gentle, creamy cleanser that helps to maintain skin’s moisture balance while removing makeup and impurities. Infused with Monoï Oil, Wild Rose Extract, and Chamomile, it leaves skin feeling soft and looking radiant.

Contains the NARS exclusive Light Reflecting Complex™ designed to restore skin’s youthful radiance and reflect light like a prism.

  • Ideal for normal, dry and seasonally dry skin.
  • Dermatologist Tested & Non-Comedogenic
  • Synthetic Fragrance Free, Paraben Free, Alcohol Free

And here’s what the product texture looks like, as well as another picture to show you how it lathers up in my hand.

NARS Gentle Cream Cleanser

NARS Gentle Cream Cleanser

My Thoughts:

I think the key lesson learnt here is that the word ‘Gentle’ on any product is very subjective. Especially so for a person with sensitive skin. I’m not usually too adventurous with trying out different types of cleansers, but I was intrigued because of the brand. So my bad, and i’ve learnt my lesson for sure.

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing fundamentally wrong with this cleanser. It smells great, and does a good job of cleansing. My only issue with it is that my skin type doesn’t agree with it. It made my skin really dry, and that led to my T-zone working overtime. i hate it when the oilies strike! My skin was already pretty dehydrated, but it was made worse still with stress and not drinking enough water. Anyway, bottom line is that my skin was in dire straits! I used it for a period of about 3 weeks i think, thinking that perhaps my skin just needed some time to acclimatize to this new product. Well, i should have listened to my skin. After cleansing, my skin felt tight and dry. If i did not apply any moisturizer within 30 minutes, i remember my face feeling kinda itchy too.

My facial therapist gave me a good dressing down for not stopping the use of it earlier, and now i use whatever remains of it for my body. I still smell good! ;p

It really doesn’t appear to be a harsh product, you know the kind of cleanser that produces a lot of foam? It is somewhat creamy, and has a gel-like texture. Super easy to lather and spread onto my face, and your skin does feel nice and clean after use. Too bad for me i suppose.

Anyway, long story short – if you have sensitive skin, you’ll want to avoid this product. Back to milky cleansers it is for me and my sensitive skin!

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