Introducing Dejavu Keep Style Mascara – A film mascara that keeps eyelashes curled upwards all day long

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A revolutionary product that was created to lengthen, provide volume, be easily removed and stay curled upwards all day!

Dejavu Keep Style Mascara

Product Information: (Extracted from media release)

Through intense research and development, Dejavu has created a new film mascara, am improvement on Paint-On False Lashes, a mascara which stays smudge-proof all day long, and comes off easily with warm water. Unlike other water-based film mascaras, Dejavu’s unique polymer formulation gives a long-lasting upward curl hold.

“I want mascara that gives me smudge-free eyelashes that stay curled upwards all day, that i can remove easily”

This is the insight that spurred our development.

Traditional wax-based mascara has a strong curl hold, but requires more effort to remove due to its hardening nature. It also causes smudging under the eyes. We aimed to develop a new mascara which not only kept eyelashes curled upward all day long, but was also smudge-resistant as well as easily removed.

Film based mascara is water-soluble and easily removed with warm water. By perfecting the moisture level in our film based mascara, we ended up with a mascara that washes away easily without excessive lash moisture, the major cause of drooping eyelashes.

Our unique proprietary ‘Keep Style Brush’ is made up of both long and short hairs. This varied length brush catches plenty of film liquid, allowing it to bing firmly to eyelashes with just a single coating, brushing and coating lashes in one motion.

The Dejavu Keep Style Mascara is available at SASA from November onwards, and it retails for SGD25/MYR59.

Let’s take a closer look at the packaging and the ‘Keep Style Brush’

Dejavu Keep Style Mascara
Dejavu Keep Style Mascara

Wanna see how it looks like on me? 🙂

Dejavu Keep Style Mascara

Dejavu Keep Style Mascara

Just some quick thoughts here: Personally, i do think it does a pretty good job of lengthening my lashes, but it doesn’t really provide much volume. And what you see here is 2 coats of the Keep Style Mascara on each side. I think it’s a great everyday mascara, but if i’m looking to pump up the volume for a night out, i’d probably use something else. The curl does last pretty much for the whole 6-8 hours at work, and i didn’t experience any smudging too 🙂

Disclaimer: Product featured was provided for review. Review is my complete and honest opinion. I am not affiliated with or compensated by the company.