Christmas 2013 – That Easy Effortless Look

I know…it’s terribly cliche to say this… but how time flies! And it’s the Christmas season once again. 😀 When life takes over, you really lose track of time.

Tonight, i’ll be hosting a very small, intimate Christmas Eve party for some friends at my humble abode. We’ve got the menu sorted, the presents sorted. I needed to get myself sorted too, but i wasn’t looking to go all out with some fancy, over-the-top glittery look especially since i am at home. And considering it is a very simple do, i definitely did not want to resemble a disco ball. An easy, effortless, but yet put-together look was what i was looking for.

So, where else do you go to for inspiration but Lisa Eldridge Make Up? One of her latest videos was just what i was looking for, i simply couldn’t believe my luck. Check out her ‘Easy, Effortless Winged Liner Anyone Can Achieve’ video! It really is pretty easy, you just need some patience and a steady hand! And most importantly – a stiff angled brush.

However, the end result of course looks different from what Lisa has done. My hand isn’t as steady as hers, i used different colors, and also the shape of my eyes are different (Mine are not as deep set, and are somewhat hooded too). So do expect some variance if you are going to try this out.

I love this simple look, and i will try to do it more often. Such a great look for work too – easy peasy and doesn’t take too much time. I usually use a black liquid pen liner everyday, but have not been able to achieve that winged look with the pen. And i could never figure out what to do to… so seriously… this is a god-send. Thank you Lisa!

Check out the pictures of my look below, and let me know what you think 🙂

Easy Effortless Makeup for X'mas Eve

In this picture above, was my first attempt. I realized that the winged line was not as pronounced because i had not extended it out long enough.

Easy Effortless Makeup for X'mas Eve

Here’s where i dabbed a little more eyeshadow to extend the line out a little longer so it’d be more obvious even when i smile. Lucky thing it’s so easy to fix up, without having to start all over again.

Easy Effortless Makeup for X'mas Eve

Easy Effortless Makeup for X'mas Eve

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you have a fantastic time, wherever you may be, and whatever you may be doing. Happy Holidays!