Review – Sexy Look Rice Extract Micro Inject Mask Sheet

Sponsored Review:

Today’s review is all about the Sexy Look Rice Extract Micro Inject Mask Sheet. I know – it’s really a mouthful isn’t it? A new product brought to you by the people from Secretive SG, let’s see what it’s all about shall we?

Sexy Look Rice Extract Micro Inject Mask Sheet

Sexy Look Rice Extract Micro Inject Mask Sheet

Sexy Look Rice Extract Micro Inject Mask Sheet

Product Information: (Taken from the Secretive SG website)

Latest Technology from Japan | Micro Inject Invincible Mask
Double penetration effect with skin-friendly natural fibre ergonomic design mask sheet to ensure maximum care. Unique hydronet pumps up skin moisture while giving it a firming effect, feeling soft and supple after use.

Perfect Revitalizing, Functional Brightening Invincible Mask
Keeping skin refreshed and energized.

First Impressions:

  • This mask is really thin!!! Now i can understand its ‘Invisible‘ claim.
  • It fits my face rather well, no weird stretching involved.
  • Made of cotton, this mask sheet sits very comfortably on my skin.
  • No weird scents, and is free from parabens.
  • Just the right amount of essence, it doesn’t constantly drip onto my clothing during use.
  • I left it on for 20 mins. An hour after removal of the mask sheet, my skin still feels nice and smooth, adequately hydrated.
  • No irritation or any sort of reaction after use even with my sensitive skin. (I sometimes get a reaction with masks that are too rich).

Overall, i have no complaints whatsoever with this mask sheet. However, at this juncture i’m unable to comment on its claim to reduce the appearance of fine lines or its deep whitening properties. If mask sheets are part of your usual beauty regime, i do think it’s worth a try! Secretive SG has numerous types of masks for sale on their website – you can check them out here.

Here’s a pic of me with the Rice Extract Micro Inject Mask Sheet on (Retails for S$3.50/piece). Can you see how thin it is? It’s one of the most comfortable mask sheet products i’ve tried.

Sexy Look Rice Extract Micro Inject Mask Sheet