Review – Lovemore Deep Sea Water Hydrating Mask

Sponsored Review:

Happy Friday everyone! I’d like to start the weekend with another mask review today, kindly sponsored by If you missed my earlier review of the Sexy Look Rice Extract Micro Inject Mask Sheet, click here to read it!

Also a new product to join their arsenal of mask sheet products, the Deep Sea Water Hydrating Mask is part of their Lovemore Water Beauty Series. Looking for a quick fix to eliminate dryness and restore younger looking skin? Could this be your answer? Do read on to find out more!

Lovemore Deep Sea Water Hydrating Mask
The Lovemore Deep Sea Water Hydrating Mask retails at S$13.90, for a box of 5.

Lovemore Deep Sea Water Hydrating Mask

Product Information: (Taken from the website)

Refined pure deep sea water is rich in magnesium and calcium, easily absorbed. With the unique triple-moisture formula, skin is hydrated from inside out. Pampered skin feels smoother, looks younger and softer on touch!

Lovemore Deep Sea Water Hydrating Mask

How to use:
Step 1: Remove white plastic sheet.
Step 2: Fit mask over face.
Step 3: Remove blue non-woven sheet.
Step 4: Remove mask sheet after 10-15 mins.
Step 5: Gently pat any remaining formula into skin.

First Impressions:

  • Similar to the Sexy Look mask sheet i reviewed last week, this mask is equally thin!
  • Made of 100% natural silk, it fits well, and sits comfortably on my face too.
  • I like how it contains just the right amount of essence, such that it doesn’t constantly drip onto my clothing during use.
  • Despite its key function to hydrate your skin, i do feel that it wasn’t as hydrating as some other mask sheet products i’ve tried.
  • Overall, i am a little disappointed with this hydrating mask and it’s not something i would purchase for regular use. I think there are better options at the same price or lower that can provide better results.