Review – ORBIS=U Trial Set

Orbis is fairly new to me, and from what i can see, they do have a pretty good range of skincare products. Are you familiar with the brand? Which products from Orbis have you tried? Do share 🙂

For those not familiar with Orbis, they actually started as a mail order business in 1987 and opened its first retail outlet in 2000. It introduced the first original concept of 100% oil-free skincare products along with services that have earned a high level of customer satisfaction. Since 2001, Orbis has expanded its presence within Asia to Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and China with Singapore as its latest addition since November 2013. The brand attained 1st place in Japan’s Consumer Satisfaction Index for 3 consecutive years from 2011 to 2013 in the mail order business category. Orbis actually belongs to the POLA ORBIS Group, and the Group owns 9 distinct brands such as Jurlique, H2O Plus, THREE and Pdc with POLA Inc and Orbis Inc as its flagship brands.

Recently, i had the privilege of trying out the ORBIS=U Trial Set which comes together with the Warm Up Serum. Today, after i tell you more about what you can find in the kit, i’d like to share my first impressions with you.

ORBIS=U Trial Kit

Product Information (extracted from the press release)

Since 1987, Orbis has established itself as an industry pioneer in oil-free skincare with the inception of the brand’s 100% oil free skincare concept. Orbis philosophized that the skin needs an oil free environment to enhance moisture retention within its inner layers to improve skin health.

Orbis has identified 6 elements that characterizes beautiful skin and amongst the countless number of enzymes in the body, Orbis focuses on 6 inner enzymes which have immediate effect on these elements.

Screen Shot 2014-07-06 at 9.54.24 PM
Screen Shot 2014-07-06 at 9.57.49 PM

Level of Enzyme Activity Determines Skin’s Age

Through various related studies, Orbis discovered that improving the level of activities of the skin’s 6 inner enzymes is the key to maintaining youthful and beautiful skin. HSP (Heat Shock Protein) is a type of protein that corrects damaged enzymes. HSP is known to be produced within cells by stimulation (or shock) such as heat. Orbis uses HSP to restore the skin’s 6 inner enzymes when they get damaged by ultraviolet rays and aging.

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With the new aging-care theory OIL FREE + HSP, ORBIS=U was developed to provide customized skincare to supply the skin with elements necessary for beautiful skin. In this manner, ORBIS=U is set to address skincare concerns of its users who were not satisfied by other skincare products used in the past.

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Here are the contents of the trial set.

Screen Shot 2014-07-06 at 10.08.49 PM

Screen Shot 2014-07-06 at 10.10.05 PM

Screen Shot 2014-07-06 at 10.10.45 PM

Screen Shot 2014-07-06 at 10.11.22 PM

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The Orbis Warm Up Serum, a beauty boosting pre-lotion serum, calls forth the power of life from within the skin for a new infusion of beauty. Young beautiful skin maintains its appearance with enzyme producing corneal cells that provide a constant supply of enzymes. Based on the Orbis philosophy, 6 of the skin’s inner enzymes have immediate effect on 6 corresponding that make for beautiful skin. Enzyme production, however, reduces with age and the skin’s condition deteriorates as a result.

Orbis Warm Up Serum is the beauty booster solution to beautiful skin. It works to improve daily aging care by:

  • activating corneal cells to produce the 6 inner enzymes required by beautiful skin and
  • preparing the skin for optimal penetration of facial products applied in the skincare regime

My Thoughts:

Brightening Jelly Wash (S$28 for 120g)
The jelly-like texture spreads easily and does a good job of cleaning my face. My skin doesn’t feel dry either after use, as this doesn’t produce any foam. I usually stick to very gentle cleansers with a cream texture, and avoid anything that has foam so its irritate my skin. This jelly wash also contains Double Moisturizing Beads, but you won’t feel them as you gently massage it onto your face. I loved this!

Moist Up Lotion (S$43 for 180ml)
This acts like a toner, but has a slightly thicker consistency than a regular toner. I spread some on my palm and gently press it into the skin. It does leave a slightly sticky after-feel and takes a bit of time to fully absorb into the skin, so i only used it at night. This lotion leaves my skin feeling very soft and hydrated.

Day Memory Moisture (S$41.50 for 30g)
At a pretty low SPF 20 PA++, i think this could definitely be higher. Most day moisturizers have at least SPF 30 or 40 these days. Regardless, this moisturizer feels quite nice on the skin, and doesn’t leave a white cast either. It does however leave a slight sheen on the skin after. I usually use products that are more matte though.

Night Memory Moisture (S$46 for 30g)
This night moisturizer has a very unique texture. It could be due to the fact that it contains ‘Tension Improver’ as an ingredient to improve skin elasticity. It’s a jelly-like texture, but not the soft jelly type, but more like the firm ‘agar-agar’ type. Because the container was a bit small, it was quite hard to scoop out the product considering its texture. I’m not sure if its because i applied too much (it didn’t feel like it) but it feels extremely sticky on the face after. Frankly speaking, i’m not a big fan of this because of the sticky after feel.

Warm Up Serum (S$65 for 25ml)
This serum is supposed to be the first thing you apply on your face as it helps the other products you use after, penetrate better into the skin. I didn’t feel like the serum was particularly hydrating, or noticed any difference that came as a result of using this. Perhaps this requires a longer time of usage before results will show?

Overall, I really enjoyed using the brightening jelly wash and the lotion. These are 2 products which i would consider purchasing for myself to use. They did their job, and i like products which bring ‘comfort’ to my skin. They don’t have to show an immediate effect (especially not with sample size products) but my skin needs to feel good using them.

Thanks for reading!