I am thankful for the opportunities that have come my way for travelling the world. I’ve just gotten back from my solo trip to Seoul, and i feel so lucky to be  healthy and financially sound that i can not only travel, but travel on my own. It’s such an enriching and liberating experience. You’ll learn that nothing is impossible, and that it’s ok to ask for help when you need it.

I am thankful that i enjoy my own company. I’ve known people who are afraid to be alone, eat alone, shop alone and be seen alone. Although I am sure everyone has their own reasons for feeling that way, i think being alone sometimes can be a good thing. It gives one the opportunity to think, reflect and observe. Some people like me are guilty for letting the imagination run wild sometimes, especially in the negative sense, but i’m learning (still!) to look at life positively and to take things easy.

I am thankful for technology. Why?!?! Because it has brought about so many possibilities in my life. I can communicate with my girlfriend who lives and works thousands of miles away in Milan. I can use google maps while on the go to help me find my way around while travelling. I can take beautiful pictures to keep as mementos of my travels. I can keep in touch with my father every day even though we don’t live together. I can blog about the things i love most and make friends out of it.