Day #3 – 5 Days of Blessings

I am thankful for COFFEE! One of the best things in my life. On week days, coffee helps kick start my engine. You can definitely tell from my face if i haven’t had time for coffee that morning. ;p On weekend mornings, it relaxes me and preps me for a good weekend! It is also the basis for any good bonding session with all friends. So thank god for Coffee!

I am thankful for desserts! I generally have a sweet tooth and the craving grows stronger during specific times of the month, or when i’m stressed. Lucky thing i can look to desserts as one of the things that can elevate my mood. Lol! I try to keep it to a minimum though 🙂

I am thankful for my Kindle and the Kindle app which i use on my iPad. I’m pretty much what you would call a book worm. I’ve always loved to read, and i hope this habit stays with me throughout my life. It can be relaxing yet so exciting. It never gets old. Reading keeps me entertained on my travels or while i commute. It helps me to wind down before i go to bed… or just something to keep me occupied on a rainy afternoon during the weekend.

Have a great weekend everyone!