I am thankful that i have grown to accept the person that I am (or rather learning to…). I have always been what most people call an ‘Introvert’, and most people tend to associate that with negativity. Especially in the workplace, introverts are usually thought of as ‘weird’ or ‘unfriendly’ or as individuals who prefer to work in silos. That’s so not true! Introverts can be warm, friendly and are great team players. Just because they are not as ‘loud’, ‘outspoken’ or the first to initiate a conversation with others, it doesn’t mean they don’t bring any value to the table. Learning to accept myself as I am does not mean that i expect others to understand me or to make exceptions for my behavioural tendencies. It means that i’ve grown as a person and I can make an informed decision as to when i need to come out of my shell, make conversations with others and speak my mind when i need to. I’ve learnt to accept that i will never be the aggressive, opinionated type of individual, and that’s ok with me. Doing the right thing is more important.

I am thankful that I ‘want for nothing’ (not to lack anything; to have everything one needs or desires). And i count my lucky stars every day. There are so many people out there who don’t have enough to fulfil basic needs in life, and what’s worse is that many of them fall through the cracks and aren’t able to obtain any form of support from the government. While i’ve always appreciated Singapore’s government for advocating independence and not solely relying on the government for their livelihood, i think it’s sad that those who really need the help aren’t getting it or they don’t know how/where to start looking. Let’s all try to ‘give back’ in one way or another. Whether through monetary form or by giving your time, all of us should attempt to help in some way. Having said that, it’s even more important to honour your parents for who you are and what you have today.

Lastly for tonight, i am thankful for the piping hot cup of tea that’s sitting on the table. My favourite is ginger, lemon and mint tea, it helps me relax and unwind, clears the mind. I’m usually a coffee person, but i prefer to drink tea at night so that it doesn’t affect my sleep when it’s time to go to bed. What’s your beverage of choice? 🙂