This entry marks my last #5daysofblessings post. I must say it has been a pretty good exercise. Most of us hardly take the time to really think about we’re thankful for in our lives, and sometimes it really is the smallest of things that make an impact. Since i’ve taken pockets of time here and there to reflect and think about what i’m thankful for, it has given me more reasons to be happy. It’s true, happiness can be simple!

I am thankful for little meaningful exchanges between myself and others each day. Yesterday, i took a cab home after my facial and i encountered a very friendly cab driver. We had a nice conversation during the short journey, and he was very obliging to my request to take a certain route. Actually, what really made my day was when he wished me good night and sweet dreams 🙂 It wasn’t a big deal, but it made me feel good for some reason. If only all of us could be this pleasant to each other more often.

I am thankful for the appreciation others show when i go the extra mile for them. A colleague of mine from a different team approached me for help at very short notice yesterday. She needed help to craft an email communication for a campaign of sorts that they wanted to send out to everyone before the end of the work day. By the time we sat down and talked about what exactly she needed and the various criteria and objectives, it was already past 2:00pm. Even though i had other stuff to work on, i put all that aside to help her and her team. I truly wasn’t expecting it, but she wrote me a note just to express her thanks and appreciation for helping them churn this out at the last minute. It made me feel good, that i was able to help them do something. Yesterday was truly a good day!

I am thankful for an email that i received yesterday from a reader. I’m guessing she came across my blog through her search for information on travelling solo to Taipei. She was telling me about her plan to travel solo to Taipei next year, and how it was something she wanted to do for herself since she was turning 3o soon! She had a question, and i hope i was able to help her. It’s really nice to hear personally from my readers, and i’m definitely an advocate of travelling (solo or otherwise) to enrich our lives. I hope that my posts will help more people make that decision!

Have an awesome long weekend everyone!