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Getting re-acquainted with Hong Kong

My husband has started a new job, and they wanted him to start his first day in Hong Kong for a week. I could hardly contain the excitement when i first knew. We… Continue reading


Lookie what we have here… Hamburglar at large 😉

Wish list – YSL Patent Clutch

Tell me honestly… yay or nay? S$590 from Kepris

Shiseido Lip Amulet

This Shiseido Lip Amulet was a gift from a friend. She got this for me during her trip to Taiwan some time back. What I would like to know is – does anyone… Continue reading

While i was away

I know…I know… it’s been too long. 😦 Work has been pretty crazy for a while now. The good news is that i’ve been settling in well and working with the rest of… Continue reading

Lookfile #6 – Nudes and Neutrals

This week was a rather melancholy one. It started with full force, the tension building day after day, and on Friday it started to finally wind down somewhat. Asos is on sale, so… Continue reading

Go bananas over Banana Taipei

Fashion should always be fun, don’t you think? In my books, fun really is the essence of fashion. And i think Banana Taipei has done a great job with their range of ‘Birkin-printed’… Continue reading

one for the coming week

Sorry for the lack of updates lately, I realized I haven’t been very conscientious with posting these days. Bear with me while I learn the delicate balance of work and life. I’m sure… Continue reading

Thoughts 12.07.11

The first thought that comes to mind every morning is that i have nothing to wear to work. Does that happen to you too? LOL!

Trend Spotting – Fancy A Collar?

While i was surfing through ASOS‘s summer sale section for Lookfile #5, i found these adorable-looking detachable collars. These are really great for dressing up a simple outfit, and better still – they… Continue reading