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Review – Shiseido White Lucent Intensive Spot Targeting Serum

This purchase was completely unintended…really! I scored this at the last Shiseido sale i went to some months ago. ;P I’ve never really been big on Shiseido’s skincare range… so this was unfamiliar… Continue reading

LookNookHook Travels Solo – Taipei (Part 3)

During my short trip to Taipei, i made it a point to also visit Dan Shui. From what i know, there are 2 main things to do there. Firstly, it’s visiting Dan Shui… Continue reading

LookNookHook Travels Solo – Taipei (Part 2)

You know how many travellers out there typically pack in as many activities and locations as they can in a day to maximize their vacation? Honestly, I know it does makes perfect sense… Continue reading

LookNookHook Travels Solo – Taipei (Part 1)

I’m jumping the gun here with a post on my recent 4D3N trip to Taipei! I’m sorry but the post on Seoul will have to wait just a little while more. After Seoul,… Continue reading

Review – Shiseido Lacquer Rouge RD311

I hate lip gloss. Do you hate it too? I hate the sticky gooey texture, and how my hair keeps sticking to my lips. If you feel the same way lip gloss, then… Continue reading

Review – Inglot Face Blush 27

Yet another first for me – I’ve never tried anything from this brand before. Picked up a Face Blush, Mascara and 2 bottles of nail polish from Inglot when i was in Kuala… Continue reading

Review – Illamasqua Duo Blush in Katie & Ambition

Thanks to Asos and a recent sale, i was able to get my hands on this duo from Illasmaqua. Prior to this purchase, i only have one other powder blush from Illasmaqua, in… Continue reading

Review – Daniel Sandler Watercolour Blush in So Pretty

My first liquid blush experience. I’ve been resisting going down this route cos i was concerned about ease of blending, and how long it’ll last with my skin which tends to be oily.… Continue reading

Review – Chanel CC Cream

By virtue of it being Chanel, i’ve been rather curious about this product so I took the opportunity to get this at DFS where it is going for S$63 (30ml). Have heard and… Continue reading

Review – Burberry Complete Eye Palette in Plum Pink No.06

I know…lots of ‘firsts’ these days. It’s a phase i tell you. I was trying my best to convince myself i didn’t need all these new goodies, but i guess you know by… Continue reading